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Message #12 re: COVID-19 - May 15, 2020
Posted on Friday May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020


Notice to all residents and business owners: 

Last Friday, Governor Northam issued Executive Order 61, initiating Phase 1 of the Commonwealth’s plan to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Phase 1 begins to ease some of his business restrictions starting on May 15.  As a result, the Cape Charles Town Council held a special meeting on May 14 to discuss how the Town will move toward recovery. 

The Town Council decided to move cautiously, relaxing some restrictions, while keeping others in place.  For example, since the Governor eased business restrictions, the Council did the same with our short-term rental businesses.  But since the Governor kept the beaches closed, most Town facilities will also remain closed.  This approach was meant to help even the playing field among local businesses as restrictions ease, while still limiting public interactions for now.  We will re-evaluate this status upon further guidance from the state. 

The following is effective May 15:

  • Short-term rentals are authorized to resume operations in Cape Charles.The Council formally rescinded Ordinance 20200416, that had temporarily closed short-term rental operations.However, operators are requested to ask tenants to bring supplies with them, so as not to over task an already strained supply of local goods for Town residents.
  • Transient moorage will be accepted at the Town Harbor.Again, boaters are asked to bring their own supplies, easing the demand on local supplies needed for Town residents.
  • Most public restrooms will remain closed.
  • The park, playground, and tennis courts will remain closed.
  • The fishing pier will remain closed.
  • Town offices/facilities will remain closed to the public and continue to operate under the IOP Phase 2 protocols currently in place.
  • The beach will remain closed in conformance with Executive Orders 55 and 61. 

This is a strange, difficult, and confusing time for all of us, navigating unfamiliar waters, knowing not everyone’s expectations can be met.  But please know we’re doing our best, and ask that each of you continue using good judgement; maintain strict social distancing if you go out, wash/sanitize your hands often, don’t congregate in large numbers, and most of all, if you’re feeling ill, stay home and wear a face covering.  Like it or not, the tourist season is upon us, and while you need to enjoy this time of year too, please take these commonsense precautions and STAY SAFE as well! 

John Hozey
Town Manager


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