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Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool (RAFT)


What is The RAFT?
he Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool 

Local governments in Virginia’s coastal region are facing the most daunting challenges related to climate change, as the southern Virginia coastal region faces the greatest risk from sea level rise on the East Coast. Historical and projected sea level rise are presenting all Virginia coastal localities with a challenge that affects residents, businesses, and key national security facilities, as well as plans for future development and infrastructure.

One important gap in the toolbox of Virginia's localities is an easy and accessible scorecard to define a locality's resilience. The RAFT attempts to fill this gap. The RAFT features three key components, creating a "full service" tool for localities:

1) The Resilience Scorecard provides a comprehensive assessment of community resilience to flooding while remaining economically and socially relevant.

2) A workshop for community thought leaders to use the assessment to develop a Resilience Action Checklist for increasing community resilience.

3) Ongoing assistance during implementation of the Resilience Action Checklist, both in the form of technical assistance and assistance in finding funding.

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